28 June 2012

YOU :)

You were there to light my day.
You were there to guide me through.
From my days down and on.
I'll never stop thinking of you.

How can i forget all that.
When you're the one who make me smile.
You'll always be apart of me.

Never will forget the days.
How we've met and came this far.
We all know we got this feeling.
But somehow it has to end up here.

I know its me who said goodbye.
And that's the hardest thing to do.
Cause you mean so much to me.
And guide the truth from me to you.

For all the things I've done and said.
For all the hurt that I've caused to you.
I hope you'll forgive me baby.
Cause that wasn't what i meant to do.

yes , happy birthday to me.
its been 19 years that i've live in this world.
thanks abah. thanks umi .
and thanks to those who still stick with me until now.
and thanks to those who has already gaveup at me.
now, i'm growing a LITTLE older. 
yaeh . terima kasih buad semua yg dh wish my birthday .
u guys mean alot for me :)
but there's still something I've wondering and waiting ..
haha. stupid isn't?
this year , i'm not going to celebrate or having anything party .
as i just consider its just a day to make me realize
God has given me a great life all this while.
God has teaches me a lot in my life.
given me with great people around me.
given me a lesson of love that i wont forget at all.

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