9 August 2012

memang menjadi sebuah KISAH .

hey .

sihat semua? dah behabuk blog ni . lame x update since start sem 3 ni . busy lain macam .
alhamdulillah , everythings going fine . stress but terpaksa menghadapi dengan redha.
at this point , i still have 8 assignment tat i need to submit.

HAHA. *senyum ala-ala kucing kt rumah

SCROLLING . scrolling . SCROLLING and scrolling .

best tau jadi stalker . haha ,  eh , saya dh start pakai spectacles now.
ramai kawan-kawan cakap muka saya mcm datuk tua pakai spek. HAHA

HEY hey !
well , i never miss every post tat u've been post all this while.
waiting for the post bout us clearly .
guess it's happen already ..

well, i'm ready for any words that u gve to me.
yet, i'm being open to listen into whatever you're going to say.
bullshit right ?

yess. its my fault . my fault when i cant recognize my own feeling .
and my own attitude.
yet , i didnt find any door to love anybody including that one who i kept talk in this blog.

hey awk, i wanna tell you tat i'm moveon right now.
i'm not as strong as you're
tats the reason i need some time and some space to tell bout how am i going to move on.
yes . sometimes i felt alone, miss that evil .
but i just have recognize tat i just miss the memories between us .

and i'm started to look to the sun and rainbow .
my life isnt easy as you thought .
i've been through lot of things in my life tat u never  and ever know

people kept talking .
i am a player one.
okay , thanks a lot for the award :)

but i dont need those kind of people in my life.
judge me and judge me and judge me .
its okay ,just continue tat kind of behvior in life

life isnt about perfection or imperfection
life is all bout how're you going through all the experience in life
i dont need those kind of people who loves me but leave me
i dont need those kind of people who accompany me but kept running away from reality
i just need someone tat can listen to me.

and enough .
i've been toooooooo WEAK .
i've been tooooooo STUPID .
i've been toooooooo EVIL .
right ?

guess what?
FB and wall post have become a great friends to me
because they're a loyal thing i've ever known
and they always treat me 24 hours when i wanted them to accompany me
they're there when i cried and smiling .
thanks my wall post.
and i hope no one cant separate us
just because they think that we're not strong enough to face God.

Alhamdulillah ,
when i'm solat , i'm praying that one day i will be able to stand again.
but i know i've to learn a lot to improve myself.
and i always prayed the best for my friends
May they will always going through a happy blessing life.

to become a great khalifah ,
i know i'm too far away .
but InsyaAllah , i'll try .
and Alhamdulillah .
yet, i didnt broke the promises.

i guess u've been hurt by me too much .
yes . sure ..
but i am very proud to make a right decision at that time.
i draw the end point there when my heart told me that i can't love you as much as u wanted.
and when my heart told me that i need God and family to be loved.
and at the time, i kept remembering bout me and my ex.
and how things fall apart when i forgot that loved towards God is the most great love forever.

Alhamdulillah ,
i'm move on .
you just failed to measure and recognize it now.
because u've taken ur flight to the palace of your dignity .
and i coudnt reach yours.

hey awak . i've learn to moveon by myself .
no one hold my hand .
yet, i've lost one of my BFF .
i've been going through a long journey where i've seen the true colours of them
and it isnt beautiful as much as you thought.

Alhamdulillah ,
u've been move on .
and grateful
alot of hand hold yours in your journey to your palace.
i'm smiling even i'm too far away from your palace.


there's lot of people kept telling me that they wont leave me ever and forever
but ..
there's a lot of people leave me .
and i deserved to be leave by them right?
to be alone.
to walk in an empty road .

Alhamdulillah ,
i think i'm facing the road  .
nice , i'm walking slowly and slowly like a cutie tortoise. wuhaaa
but i'm still smiling .
its okay for me because i'm too bad to be served with all the greatness from them .
thats what i've learned
and dear you .
you're right . i am not the person of what you dream about
i am who i am .
Alhamdulillah , u've been escape from the bad person like me .
u should be grateful because u've known me
and i've put the end point earlier so that u can get to know who i am.
i am bad right ?
dear you,
there's something i wanna tell you
i don't need you as my bodyguard or my cell wall  in front of your friends
to protect all the bad things bout me.
but i just need someone who can be proud of all my weaknesses and my strength .

u deserved a better person .
and i am not .
May Allah Bless You.

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