9 October 2012

09/10/2011 - 1 YEAR :")

malam ni dah genap setahun rupanya aku putus dengan seseorang.
guess she didnt seems to remmbr anything. HAHAHA
cepat noh masa berlalu . 
not going to tell about the past.
but i guess i shud remembering this precious date.

dear you, thanks weh!
banyak aku belajar sepanjang kita couple.
kita dah cuba terbaik kan?
cuma kita mungkin tak ada jodoh .
kau pun dah bahagia sekarang 

actually i believe that i don't forget her as she has been  the loved one for me.
but actually i just figure out that I've accepted the fact that we were not meant to be.
i'm glad that we've been together before.
I've learnt a lot, seriously.
i felt it .
thanks for holding my hand when i fall.
thanks for listening to my problem
thanks for  watching my dramatic life .
and the most appreciation
for the love that u've given to me before.
there's lot of thing to describe but i hope i've simplified everything.

i just really hope that you'll get a good imam for the entire of your life.
yaeh , i know you will.
take care kak limah enjit-enjit semut ! 

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