3 January 2013

Boring .

Sihat ke korang?
Okay . Guess what i want to give this time?

HAHA .nothing at all.
I dont know why.
My life suddenly becomes so frustrating
Disappointing . Sad. Empty .
Get up. Wake up!
Dont let this stupid matter haunted you .
If ada rezeki , ada lah kan kim .
Sabar sabar sabar

But , i've got a new class for my degree year .
G1.9 .
Yaehh . The timetable for my class was totally full of enjoyment in time.
Got lot of free time to chatting , main game , and SLEEP .
What about my new classmates ?
Yaehh! They are very kind and awesome !
Although i'm still try to adapt with the floor 
But I already know that my class will be the most noisiest class ever.
With my voice . Shouted . Singing
And all of crazy attitude from me .
I hope i wont have any problem with them. errrr

I dont know what to write .
But i'm boring .
Boring . Bosan ! 
Demam and selesema ni memang menambahkan kesengsaraan aku.
takpelah , dpt la hapus dosa kan, hee
Gtg, bbye kawan!
Salam .

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